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Happy 1st Aniversary! ♡♡

by - June 13, 2018

Hello guys, welcome to this special post!

Today I'm celebrating because it's my first anniversary with my love as husband and wife. I'm going to be off today, but I promise you that I will let you know how was it and what we do. In the meantime I'm going to share with you how we met, we were at the University taking the same class of Art, at the beggining I thought that he was gay because he wear pink and I was sure that he was the only boy in my class (there was like 2 more, but all my attention was in him) and he was the only one who anwered to the professor with deep answers. I even said to my best friend, every time that I saw him, what a waste. On the other side of the story he was trying to get my number to start knowing each other with the excuse that I had it to remembered him to go to class but I didn't get the message haha instead my classmate was the one who start texting him. This happen in 2013 but we started talking-talking in 2014 when I decided to write him because someone declared their love to him in an anonymos facebook page, since then everything between us officially started. I'm still remember the fisrt date, when I was on my way to the car I was feeling scare, nervous with butterflies in my stomach. There were thousands of thoughts on my mind but at the second that I see him, all the bad or stressful feeling disapeared and I knew in that moment that he was, is, and always be the love of my life. I'm so grateful with God for let me know him, for let me love him and be with him until the death tear us apart. This is only the beggining of an amazing life, of new adventures and test that I know we're going to be able to resolve. The beggining of more love to give and dreams to make true. To accomplish our personal and professional goals, to help us to be a better person every day. I'm still remember my wedding day like it's happening now, I was super chilling trying to set up all the final details of the decorations and food until it was timeto go to ceremony, I was nervous, anxious, happy, dying for the hot weather and with the same sensation as the first time that we go on a date. I even forgot my flowers in my home and didn't notice until the official ceremony finished.  It was a crazy and stressful day but at the same time was the perfect day, the best day of my life! 

Also, I'm celebrating because is my best friend birthday! Happy Birthday, love you and miss you!! No matter the distance you're always be my bff!! 😘

Thanks babe for be by my side and love me the way you love me. Thank God!

Have a great day! Love you guys! 

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