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Graduation 2018 πŸŽ“

by - June 06, 2018

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Graduation 2018

As you know every year, we celebrate the graduations either of your own or of family and friends. What better way to celebrate than doing them some special details but above all with a lot of love. Gifts do not have to be expensive or diamonds (unless you want to). Here are some ideas to give to those graduates in their day.

Office / accesories gifts:

1.       Planner/Notebook

This is a good gift for any age, it is always good to have where to put your thoughts, where to organize your life, where to make plans, keep your secrets. Prices vary, these designs that are here are $ 16.00 and can be customized.

2.       Phone cover

Everyone today has cell phones and what better to irrigate a cell phone protector that goes according to the person, that style but in turn protect the cell that virtually contains everything about us (contacts, photos, information, etc.). This beautiful style is at 0.99 cents (especially) and the phone holder is at $ 3.99. I love them, I'm thinking of buying the phone holder but that combines with my cell phone cover.

3.      Coffee mug

This is a classic gift, especially for coffee lovers (like me). The best of all of the personalized coffee cups is that you can write what you want and what best goes with the occasion. Prices vary, depending on where you order them or the amount of engraving that you want to place. The range goes from $ 12.00 - $ 50.00 dollars approximately.

4.       Computer accesories

Like cell phones, almost all if not all have computers today, either laptops or desktops, so computer accessories are never over. As for example this beautiful mouse pad (I am in love). The price of this pad is $ 5.00 dollars (believe me I'm thinking of giving me before time haha).

Decoration Gifts:

1.       Photo Gift

That it would not be beautiful to have a good memory of our years studying and the friendships that were created along the way? Of course, and that is why a gift like this is worth a thousand, because it is there to remind you of those happy and unique moments that you lived. Prices vary depending on the number of photos and the size. The range is from $ 22.00 - $ 210.00 approximately.

2.      SandGlass

I love this hourglass and especially when it is personalized. It is something "vintage" that can be used to decorate the room, it is a simple but unique gift. The price of this price is $ 49.99.

3.      Mason Jars

Personalized Glass Money Jar - College Fund - 14304This is so sweet! Have everyone write their favorite memory with the graduate and put it in the memory jar! When it's your first day to go to college read them all or read them the night before :)

Another gift can be a mason jars, which you can personalize and you can use it as a piggy bank or to keep positive messages from colleagues and friends after a while to read them and remember those beautiful moments they lived. As for example the memory jar of the photo. The price as everything that is customized varies, $ 10.00-50.00 dollars.

4.       Mug Jars
Graduation Gifts - Personalized Graduation Glass Mason Jar - #16772-001

This a beautiful and personalized gift but above all perfect for this summer and its heats. You can use it every day and for any type of drink. The price of this personalized mug is $ 14.99.

Personal Gifts

1.        Bracelets

The jewels are a classic gift for this type of events. For both women and men, much better if it is customized for the moment. This beautiful bracelet is at $ 10.50.

2.       Watches

Save 20% off for our Father's Day Sale! We all have different ways of showing our love. TreeHut watches let you engrave your own special message on the back of every watch.  Choose from canvas, stainless steel and wood watch straps to create a handmade and completely versatile watch theyΓ’€™ll love almost as much as they love you.

In the same way as bracelets, watches are a classic gift. These beautiful watches can be personalized and are a bit expensive but they are really worth it, I personally do not have one but I know people (close to me) who have bought them and love them. The price ranges from $ 70.00- $ 190.00 dollars.

3.      Hats

Perfect for the beach and these summer days but above all, protect yourself from the sun. These caps are super beautiful and especially at a good price. The denim cap is at $ 6.00 and the black one is at $ 4.00.

4.       Wooden jewelry box

Engraved Graduation Jewelry Box - Graduation Memories - 16715

What is not beautiful this personalized wooden box for your jewelry? I love it and it's super cute and you can write whatever you want for that being you love so much. Also, it helps to organize and have everything beautiful. 

The Best Graduation Gift Box Idea

As a last you can make a box with several things to make a perfect personalized gift box. Like this beautiful box below with a little of everything. I hope you like it and that this is helpful to look for the perfect gift for the graduation time. 

**I don't own the copyright of the images. Taken from Pinterest and company pages. 



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