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Are you getting married? 10 things you have to know before you get married

by - June 13, 2018

Hello welcome back my beautiful people!

Today I'm in celebration mode and I'm going to share with you 10 things that you have to know before you get married. First of all like I said in one of my previous post "How to build the perfect relationship", we need to be 100% sure that he/she is the person for you and love you as much as you love him/her.

1. Communication
If you're going to get married, you must have a good communication with your partner, because as I said in my previous post "How to build the perfect relationship", the communication between you and your partner is the key to everything. It's super important to know how to communicate with your partner because you're going to need it, because it's the way that you can express yourself and resolve everything.

2. Friends before marriage
It's important that your partner more than just a partner he/she should be your friend, your confident, your lover. There isn't more strong relationship that the one who start as friends. When you start as friends you are building trust, confidence, commitment, and respect. 

3. Accept for who he/she is
When you fall in love with a person or even when you became friends you do it because of the way the person is and who it is. So, that means that you accept he/she for who is, so why try to change her/him? If a person wants to change has to be because he/she want it, not for pressure. That's why you have to know the person, know everything about each other and if you get to an agreement with your partner to change something should be because both are willing to do it because both really want it.

4. Value Partnership
When you're in a relationship isn't longer just you and is important to value the partnership, value his opinion, believes, and everything about him/her. Specially you have to respect each other.

5. Work Together
You're going to be a team with your partner for life once you get married, so you have to work together in the good and in the bad. Have to be one as a couple, make plans together, resolve problems together, make choices together, and be there for each other no matter what. To work together you have to trust each other and respect each other but specially you have to communicate. 

6. Wants the same things in future
When you talk to get married you have to talk about other things too, for example:
  • Kids
  • Home
  • Pets
You and your partner have to be sure that both want the same future, the same things because once you said I do is for life. Before you get married you have to make sure that both have a living plan, where to live, if you want kids and pets. If you want to buy or rent a house or an apartment. There is a lot of topics that you should talk before get married.

7. Work Life and Goals
Like I said when you get marry you become one. So its important to talk about the work and life goals. For example my husband is in the military so I knew that this implicate some sacrifices. We as a couple talk about it and established some agreements but specially we promised to each other to help the other to achieved our professional goals. So that's why is so important to communicate and express our feelings and desires with each other. 

8. Families
When you get marry you marry his/her family and your partner married yours. Is important to have a good relationship with your partner's family the same way that your partner has to have it with yours. The families have the power of influencing your life and your partners life either for good or for bad so that's why you should have a good relationship and communication with them. 

9. Money/Debts
Other thing that you have to talk before get married is about money and debts. It's important to let it know to your partner if you have any money or debts problems because once you get married it becomes of your partner too. 

10. Beliefs
Last but really important, you have to talk about the beliefs, if you want to practice them and your partner doesn't, if you want to teach them to your kids or not, what happen if you have your beliefs and your partner have his? This topic have a lot of material to touch before get married, but remember to talk with respect even if you don't agreed with him/she.

This 10 things are just the general things that you should know before get married but there is a lot more and a little more deep. So take your time to talk with your partner about all of this. Remember be honest, respectful, sincere and always open to communication. Have a wonderful day!!

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