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Sunday Morning

by - May 27, 2018

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Hi guys welcome back!

I was watching the season 2 of 13 Reasons Why, and it's leads me to the meaning of life, the meaning of be someone, to have a place and purpose in this life. We always or almost always take everything for granted, specially the life. I like the scene when the pastor or reverend or whatever is named said that the God he knows don't judge and know everything specially what's in their hearts (at least this is what I get). That's the God I know the one who love us inconditionally and don't judge us for our past or our acts. He knows what's in our hearts and why we do the things that we do. If He is a God of love and forgiveness, Why can't we be the same? Why judge, when we can love, when we can forgive and move on? 

The suicide topic is one of those issues that the people get scandalized for mentioned it, but we really have to talk about it, we have to know that those things that are shown in this series are happening and it's very serious.We have to promote the life, to encourage people to live, to dream with the future. The life is our most precious gift from God and we have to appreciate it and we have to take care of it, it's our job. Every day thousands of people fight with this obscure thoughts and demons in their head and in different ways they approach us looking for help, but we're so focus in things that sometimes are not that important so we ignore completely what's going on around us. Specially, the teenagers because they're exploring and they're starting learn about life, we as adult have to know that the teenage phase isn't easy because we went through it and we should known that is hard, that there are so many influences when it comes to make decisions, in the actions and behaviors. I don't have kids yet, but I do have nephews and nieces which are like my own kids, but I know that we as a family have to talk with them and let them know that everything have a solution, that we have to look for options, good options, that the life is precious and no one have the right to decide who live and who die. It's our job to educate and inform our kids, our family, and friends (without taking count the ages), about all the stuff that could happen, about consequences, about to be brave and said the things that aren't right and always do the right thing. We have to encourage people to tell the truth even when it's hard.

In my own experience, when I was in high school  I struggled the bad thoughts of hurting myself. When I look back for the reasons that I was thinking, there wasn't even good reasons or reasonable ones. It was because I let the bad things of my environment affect me, I let my emotions, what I thought was love and friendship in that moment affected me. I let the TV decided what was love, what was the "perfect life", the "perfect relationship".  Also I was letting that the people decided who I was, becuase some of my classmate was bullying me for my weight or the way I dressed. It was hard, in adition to that I was feeling that in my house my mom and dad always wanted to control me and didn't gave me the space that I wanted or the things that I wanted. I was feeling in a dark place, where all I wanted was disappear. Now I understand that my parents didn't want to control me or they don't was giving me the space, they were doing their job as a parent, they were taking care of me and my siblings so that we would be good people and be happy. They did the most they could to please us and move us forward. I'm so grateful with God, that He always stayed by my side and help me think better, help me analyze the situation and reflect about it. He make realized that the life matter and the pain of hurting myself wasn't worth it. For make me understand that my parents (and our parents) do the things they do for protecting us, for our happiness and future. The people think that the things shows up in the series doesn't happen anymore,  but that's not true, in this days were a shooting in a school in Indiana, and before that there has been a lot of shooting tragedies, without counting the suicides that haven't been published. A few months ago my mom told me about a classmates who take his life, I was in shock because when I met him he was or at least it looked like a happy kid. He looked like to enjoy life and he always talked positive. Much of the people who has committed suicide in the outside looks good, but inside they're sad, and depressed. They try to pretend everything is fine bacause they feel that no one love them and understand them. So that's why it's important to be aware, to teach and inform about those topics at home and school. To teach what kind of signals a person can show up and when call for professional help to prevent a tragedy.

Like I said the life is our most precious and important gift. We have to take care of it, nurture it, learn from it, and make sure it is healthy physically, emotionally and mentally. God is here for you, He have always been there. He will listen to you and give you the strength and tools to fight any battle, to give you the opportunity to live, to enjoy the life, to learn from it. He will put the right people in your life, but you have to choose how you will learn from it and how you decide to take it and let it affect you. Always fight for live, for be better every day, for breath, smile, for love. If someone is passing through this right now and needs someone to talk or express your feelings can count with me, can write me anytime at my email You're not alone, I love you without knowing you because God loves you, because you matter, you are wonderful person and you deserve to live and be happy. Fight for your life, for your dreams.

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