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Reward yourself to stay fit

by - May 04, 2018

**This post contain affiliate links.

Hello guys, welcome back!

As much of you know, I'm in my fitness Journey since I start my blog. I have has my ups and downs but I'm still decided to achieved my goal. I just found an amazing app that can make you earn money for staying fit, yes you read well! the name of the app is sweatcoins and what's you have to do? Super easy, just go to this link [Sweatcoin] and download the app and make your account and start walking and earning! 

This app tracks and verifying your outdoor steps using your phone's accelerometers and GPS location  and then convert them to sweatcoins or digital currency that you can converts in prizes and money. It's like the bitcoin but much better because you can stay fit and healthy. The only thing that I can say that dont like me too much is that the app has to run in the background of the phone and is going to eat your battery, even though the app have a battery saving mode but that means that some steps aren't going to registered.  Once you finished the steps the app check your legitimacy and convert it to the sweatcoins. This is the convertion 1,000 outdoor steps  = 0.95 sweatcoins and the maximum quantity of sweatcoins per day is 5 sweatcoins but  you can upgrade to their plans which have a 30 days trial and you pay it with sweatcoins which practically means they are free if you walk everyday outside.The accounts are Shaker account (4.75 sweatcoins per month with max. of 10 sweatcoins per day), Quaker account (20 sweatcoins per month with max. of 15 sweatcoins per day) and Breaker account (30 sweatcoins per month with max. of 20 sweatcoins per day). My goal is make 10,000 steps per day, so lets see how it goes now that I have more motivation to do it! 

Go to the sweatcoins app and downloaded now and start earning!!

**I don't have the copyright of the images. 

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