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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

by - May 05, 2018

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Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

You know that mothers' day approaches and we always go crazy thinking that we are going to give them to them (every year it happens to me). This year I thought about making a simple gift but with a lot of meaning! A while ago I was thinking about send her some pictures of the wedding and some little things that I know she's going to like. Also, recently I got a booklet that has different types of envelope with a theme to write (Below I'll put a picture), best of all at a reasonable price. You can get it at Target. Well, now I'm going to give you some examples of personalized gifts for mothers' day.

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1. Personalized Mugs

For those mothers who love coffee, this would be a perfect gift. You add some of her favorite sweets and chocolates and decorate it. It's super simple and within budget. If you want to be even more personalized you just have to buy the blank cups/mugs and a special marker and write what you want in the cup. Once you finish writing you put the cups in the oven and voila is ready to be delivered.

2. Gift Card

Today it's very easy to get any kind of gift card. Get the one you know your mom loves to go shopping. For example the gift cards of Amazon, Target, Walmart, among others.

Different Gift Cards

3. Flores con chocolates

Related image

4. Photo Book

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5. Caja personalizada

For personalized boxes there are different types. In the boxes you can put whatever you want!

a. Spa Day

What's included in the box of Spa Day?, you can include the candle with your mother's favorite aroma, incense, soap or bath bomb, creams and among other things.

b. Beauty Box

Inside the beauty box you can add a set of shadows, blush, brushes, powder, base and a perfume so that your mother looks perfect in her day.

c. Fashion Box

Within the fashion box you can add a clothing set for her day, some shoes that combine and pair of accessories.
Amazon Clothing


d. Home Decor

Inside the home decor box you can add a painting or some crafts made by you. On this website (click the pictures below) you can find thousands of options to customize your gifts.

 e. Box Jar Gift

In addition to gift box you can add jar gifts!

I hope these ideas have been very helpful and that your moms love them and enjoy them to the fullest. Don't forget to subscribe!

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