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Monthly Update & HIIT Cardio and Moderate Intensity Cardio: Pros and Cons

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!!

Today is the first day of the month, so that means monthly update, I always or almost always do my monday update, but I decide to do it today. So, lets start with my weight, this month I weight 151.2 pounds. Which is a pound less than the past month. Also I'm going to talk about the pro and cons about the HIIT cardio and the moderate intensity cardio. 

Image result for hiit cardio vs steady state cardioMany people wonder what kind of exercise helps you burn more fat HIIT or steady state cardio. What is HIIT cardio? High-intensity exercise (above 80 - 85% of peak power output) can be performed only for few minutes. HIIT involves exercising repeatedly at a high intensity for 30 s to several minutes, separated by 1-5 min of recovery. It has been found in studies that there is little conclusive evidence for more favorable effects with high-intensity training than with continuous moderate intensity exercise. But high-intensity training appears to induce superior improvements in aerobic fitness and a higher-intensity exercise decreases adherence and results in the completion of less exercise. The good thing about the HIIT cardio is the afterburn, studies have shown that in comparison with the steady state cardio burns more after finishing the session of exercises. All scientific guidelines recommend that at least 150 min per week of moderate aerobic exercise should be combined with three weekly sessions of resistance exercise to increase muscle strength. 

The decision on the intensity of exercise prescription should be individualized and based on outcomes different from fat or weight loss.In my own experience, I think both are important because it is difficult to do HIIT cardio every day because the body will be tired and exhausted. What is important is that the days on which you do HIIT cardio are well distributed (3 times per week). In the days that the HIIT is not done, the steady state cardio can be done. Know that HIIT and Steady state cardio are some types of cardio. In addition to these two there are:

1. LISS - Low Intensity Steady State (Steady State Cardio)
2. LIMIT- Low Intensity-Medium Intensity Training
3. HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training
4. MISS- Medium Intensity Steady State
5. SPRINTS- Most intense form of Cardio

Image result for hiit cardio vs steady state cardio workoutsUsually the Sprints are include in the HIIT cardio session. You can even do from a certain time steady state cardio and at the end do a HIIT cardio circuit. Also, you can add weight training in any of the types of training. You can start with the steady state cardio for 20-30 minutes in treadmill, elliptical, bycicle, walk, running, jogging or anything you want to do and end with a intense session of HIIT of 15-30 minutes. I usually do 20 min in the treadmill (Inclination: 3.0, Speed: 3.5) and 1 min of sprint (Inclination: 3.0, Speed: 7.0). After that I do a circuit (3X, 40 seg on/ 20 seg off) for 30 min in total :

Circuit 1:
1.Jumping Jacks
2.Squad Jacks
3.Side to side jump

Circuit 2:
2. Plank Jacks
3.Mountain Climbers

Circuit 3:
2.Russian Twist
3.Leg raise

I hope that you guys like it, don't forget to Subscribe (That way you don't miss my seasonal newsletter that is coming out for the summer). If you have some questions, you can ask me anytime in the comment sectio below or in one of my social medias. Have a beautiful day! 

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