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What you have to do as a new Military Spouse: Offices and documents

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As some of you know, my husband is in the military and this kind of life is a little overwhelming. That's why I decided to help you in your new life!

First things first, (sponsor) has to enroll you on DEERS. What’s this? It's the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System and what does it mean? Well, that they are responsible for the benefits that you and your partner receive. Also your sponsor is the one that fills out all the paperwork that allows you to receive the benefits. It’s super important that you have always with you the following documents:

1. Marriage Certificate

2. Birth Certificate

3. Social Security card

4. 2 photo ID’s (license, vote ID, anything that proof your identity)

5. Your Sponsor social security 

With this last one, let me tell you that you're going to reach a point where you know this number better than yours. Why? Because they ask it for EVERYTHING!!! So now, the offices that you and your sponsor have to go are:

1. DEER**

2. CAC/ID Services**

3. Finances**

4. Housing**

     a. On-base

     b. Off-Base

     c. Dorm Management

     d. Inn

     e. Housing referral Network 

     f. Rental Partnership Program

5. Legal Services

6. Taxes Services

7. Family Services

8. Base pass office

The first 4 offices are the most important. The Housing details I’m going to write it in detail on other post. In this link you can download a pdf with the offices contact information in Langley Base and Fort Eustis: ( ). To obtain your ID you can go to the office with or without appointment, but I recommend that made an appointment, because sometimes it's too full and they will accept until certain number of people. What is the military ID card, is the responsible of give access to the base, exchange and commissary. Also, with the card you can get discounts in the stores. The Finance office is where your sponsor deal with the money that they give you for housing, so once you get approved the money quantity you can go to housing and choose where you want to live (I recommend to look in advantage because every option have it cons and pro). In the Legal Office Services you can arrange the power attorney and why you have to arrange the power attorney? Because that way it doesn’t happen to you like it happen to me that I went to deliver a paper for the contract renewal of my home and the information had to be enter in the computer with my husband information and I need it to have a power attorney to do it. So yeah, I went for nothing to office, well not for nothing because I learn something new! We trust each other without the necessity of make legal papers, but now I know why they recommend it. 

An office that it’s not listed because is via phone and internet (or at least I do it that way), is the Health Care and Dental Care. The Dental care in difference with the Health care regular is that you can’t make an appointment on base it has to be with an external Dentist office for all the dependents. But if it’s the others doctor you can be attend in the Base Hospital. So, you have to go to the page of TRICARE to enroll yourself (you need your sponsor information). Also, we have the Life Insurance, this your sponsor is the responsible of include you and explain to you what would happen if something come. The document that its fill out is the Emergency Data Sheet (DP Form 93 ). Here is a power point with more information about the form. Another office that is important is the tax office, because once you move with your sponsor you have to decide if you want to change your state and income tax status to reflect your marital status. 

Here is the websites that you need to know:

2. SECO  –Spouse education and career opportunities

4. GI BILL **

5. MyCAA **

5. LEARN HOW TO READ LES - Leaving and earning status

The 4 and 5 are for those who wants to start o continue studies, you have to look out in details each one because they are for different ranks and have specific qualification and requirements. So that’s all for this post, if you have questions don’t doubt in ask me in the comment section below or in private in my social media.

In addition, here is a military discount guide where you can look by state and check out the latest discounts for you and your family. 

**I don't have the copyright of the images. 

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