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by - April 11, 2018

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog! 

Today is Workout Wednesday and I'm going to share with you a workout that I have been doing and I love it! You're going to feel it in all your body!! Here are the exercises in detail:

To speed up your heart rate (30 reps /3 sets)

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Side to side jumps
Medicine Ball (10-15 reps/ 3 sets)
  1. Soccer drills
  2. Throw the ball
  3. triceps
  4. Mountain Climbers
Upper Body workout with dumbells (10-12 reps /3 sets)
  1. Front/lateral raise
  2. Bench lat pullovers
  3. Incline bench row
  4. Reverse Curl
  5. Side to side 
  6. Seated rear lateral raise
  7. Incline bench dumbell fly
  8. Chest Press
Here is the link to the video: Go check it out!

**I don't have the copyright of the images. 

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