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It's here ⚘

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Hello guys, WELCOME BACK! 

It's finally here!! Yeah I'm talking about my post (LOL). I was finishing the editing of my video and photos, I hope that you guys like it, if you do, don't forget to subscribe and show me some love in the comment section below! So, lets start! The best part of spring its that we can go back to the shorts jeans and short dresses (well I can't yet because the weather in Virginia is a little crazy, but I'm getting there) and put less pieces of clothes, which means less laundry (yay 🙌). I love everything about spring, well I love winter more, but the transition is beautiful and when Spring comes it means that the summer is around the corner. So, Summer= beaches, sun, sand, swimwear, bronze skin (in my case pink-ish skin jaja).

Anyway, lets star with the color pallets of this Spring, in my opinion the colors are always the same (pastel/floral colors) with some exceptions. I found this pallet, which is inspired/based on the London Fashion Week. Also, I found this other color pallet with more pastel colors (I love it). I think that I will be going with the second color pallet with the exception that I add the purple color(in all shades) to the pallet. Another thing that comes with Spring are the patterns, and for this Spring we have flowers(obviously), triangles, squares, and solid colors. So based on this I did my research, about different outfits and then go to my closet to see if I had something similar and make my own outfits adjust to my personality. In the video, you will see some of the outfits that I choose. Now, I have 3 favorite styles that are divide in two different sub-types with a total of 6 different styles. 

The first is the "Formal ("bitchy", in the good sense of the word) trendy/fashionable Style", this is sub-divided in "Cutie Formal Style (Fit dresses, heels, 2 piece clothes, pastel colors, curly hair or completely straight) and "Dark Formal Style (Same as cutie but all black with some splash of pastel colors)". Here are some examples from Pinterest.

The second style is the "Cute Style" and this is sub-divide in "Extreme cuteness girly (Floral or solids color dresses, flower crown or big hair ties, converse or sandals, denim jacket )" and "Bohemian cute (mess bun,looses floral or solid color dresses,sandals, gold, silver and bronze accessories (specially rings and bracelets), shorts with floral or white shirts)". This is the style that I love most, but the most I wear are my third style. The third style is the " Sporty/Street Style", and this is sub-divide in "Cute style (sports clothes like leggings w. crop top or hoodie and sports bra, sneakers (Adidas, Nike, Pumas, etc), mostly braids)" and "Bah style (messy hair or bun, big jackets, loose jeans and shirts, leggings, sneakers)". Yeah the names are made by me jaja, here are the examples:

A. Bohemian Style:

 B. Extreme cuteness:

 C. Sporty/Street Cute Style:

D. In between 

E. Bah Style:

Every style has their own characteristics, for example the "Bah style" is more kind of a lazy style but yet it had their fashion/trendy style in each piece selection. I consider myself in the between style of the sporty/street style. All is going to depend on my mood. Let me know in the comment section below what is your favorite style. 

The must you have for this Spring time are (Below I'm going to put an amazon link with variety of products, go check it out!)
1. Floral dress 
2. Shorts
3. Denim Jacket
4. Dry Shampoo
5. Nail polish 
6. Sunglasses
7. Accessories or Jewelry ( Neutral): I recommend the makai bracelets! (I'm in love my ankle bracelet)
8. Flower Crown and hat 
9. Comfort Shoes
10. Great attitude and self love 

Now, we're going to talk about makeup! This is super simple, this makeup looks are more nudes or natural looks. Obviously they need some spring colors in it, but the point is use soft colors or tones, focused more on the eyes to use those bright spring colors, use more brown tones, and for highlighter use the metallic soft tones that are so frigging beautiful!! For the lips the best choices are nude and soft pink lipsticks or lip gloss. Your nails are important too, so choose soft colors and neutrals so that way you can combine your outfits makeups and nails. With the makeup comes the skin products, so the most important products that you need are the SPF cream for sun protection, moisturizer, eye cream or pads, and cleansers. It's important to take care of our skin. I will recommend splashes instead of perfume, because they are more refresher for the body.  

Once we have an idea of the makeup, we can focus on our hair. The hairstyles are simple curly hair, braids, natural look, buns, half bun, flower crowns, hair ties, there is a great variety. For the hair care obviously I recommend leave conditioning and my fav the dry shampoo! I'm in love with the Batiste Dry Shampoo brand, they come in different aromas that are perfect for this spring time ( Fresh, Clean & Light, Cherry, and Blush).

Finally, I want to share with you guys my new Spring video: A day with me. If you like it, please give it a 👍👍 and Subscribe! Love you guys! Until next time. 

**I don't have the copyright of the images. Taken from Pinterest.

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