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How to be more organize and productive? 10 tips that can help you!

by - April 25, 2018

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Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

Sometimes its difficult to stay organize and be productive during the day. Specially when you don't have a place where you can be productive. That's why today I'm going to share with you how you can be more productive during your day organizing your work space. In my last post I talked about 10 ways to stay focus and don't waste your time, well this post it's like a continuation of the subject but more focused on how to prepare and organize your work space so you can do your job/work more productively. 

Here some ideas from pinterest and later I'll show you how I organize my office or work area.

@annegolfarelliMás inspiración para la decoración de oficinas en casa #67Online businesses can be very successful, coupled with the money you save not having to buy assets and pay rent makes it a very...Charming office nook with feminine pops of pink

So, what do you need to organized and set your work space?

1. Motivation

The first thing is the motivation, because if you're not motivated to start working or organized your work space you will never do it.

2. Desk and chair

The desk and the chair are the most important thing to be organize and productive. Depending on the table and the chair is that you decide the things that are going to be added so that everything is organized and therefore helps you to be more productive in your work.Here are some examples of different desk and chairs on eBay and amazon. 

Ebay picks for you

3. Supplies

Then here is a few things you may need (You can find it in stores like Dollar TreeTarget , amazon and eBay at great prices)

1. Clipboards
2. Folders
3. Agenda
4. Journal
5. Calendar
6. Markers
7. Board
8. Notebook
9. Sticky notes
10. Printer
11. Papers
12. clips
13. All you need

4. Office place

Once you have all the things that you need to set up your work space, you have to find a nice, quiet with great light place. This place can be next to a window (if the window view is quiet and without distractions). In my case, I choosed the window of my guest room. I'm still waiting for my desk and chair but in the meantime I use my coffee tables to do my little office. Also I'm thinking on change places with my hubby, so he can scream all that he wants in the guest room when he is playing (I will let you know what I decided and how is my work space).

5. Be creative

You don't have to buy a desk if you don't want to or don't have the money, you can use any table in your house and you can even create your own table using drawers or boxes that are available. You just have to use your imagination and creativity. Example, for my pencils organizer I used my Flintstones cup that comes with the toothbrush from when I was in head start (Yes, I still have it). For my decorations I'm using my wedding flower bouquet in a jar (that is really a Ragu sauce jar). I love to be creative and  do the things myself instead of buying. That way they are unique and have my personal style.

6. Ambiance and decorations

In order to feel productive you have ambiance your work space with different decorations. I recommend use simple decorations that give personality and color to your work space. Here are some of the things that I think are perfect to ambiance your space:

1. Lamp
2. Flowers
3. Frame or board with messages for decoration
4. Family pictures

7. Priorities

Divide your documents and works in order of priority and use. Always put your most recent and current works in the desk or first drawer  and the others you can storage it in boxes, put it in the drawer, under your desk or on your closet. Which brings us to the next tip the organizers.

8. Organizers 

Today there are different types of organizers according to your needs and tastes. In my case I like the small and compacts ones so they can fit everywhere. Also depending on what I am storing or organizing is the type of organizer I choose. Here are some examples of the ones that I'm buying:

1. Folder/paper organizer
2. Email Box
3. pencil case
4. pencil organizer
5. Organizer boxes

9. Snacks space

I recommend making a little space if your desk doesn't have drawers, using one of the organizer boxes to the snacks. Specially for the coffee that you will need if you're a coffee lover like me! To give it some color and shape to your desk you can add a coffee/tea/beverage heat pad that are connecting to your computer using a usb cable. That way your coffee or beverage are always warm and you don't have to be getting up to warm it up. 

10. Electronic plugs Organization

This is important, specially when you have a desktop computer, laptop, printer and all your electronic devices together, because it can be a caos if you don't organize it. There is nothing more depressing that have all your cables tangled (to be dramatic). What you can do about this? You can buy a multi plug and a plastic or lock strips or use the ones that comes with your garbage bags haha. 

Here are some photos of my work space (In progress). I hope that you guys like this post and may it be of great help to you. Don't forget to Subscribe!! 

**I don't have the copyright of some of the images. Taken from Pinterest.

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