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How I organized myself

by - April 13, 2018

**This post contain affiliate links.

Hello guys, today I'm going to talk about the things that I do to try to organize myself. I say try, because sometimes I just forget them LOL. Thank God that this reminds me every time that I have to do my post and also when I don’t have nothing schedule to post. It's so awesome!! My secret is CROWDFIRE,, it’s an app that I discovered not so long ago and is so frigging amazing. I'm going to show you super quick how I schedule my post in all my social media and how life changing this app can be. With this application you have so many tools to help you organize and plan your post for your social media.

The Crowdfire app can be downloaded in the store, is a free app but you can give it an upgrade to add more social media and get more features. They have different plans so you can choose which one is best for you and your goals. This are the options that they offer right now:

1.       Plus ($4.99 before $9.99 monthly)
2.      Premium ($7.99 before $19.99 monthly)
3.      VIP ($33.32 before $99.99 monthly).

So, if you want to upgrade  go do it now, before this offer expire. Some of the features that you get for this free app are, connection to your social media (One account per social media), post schedule (10 per social account), article and images recommendations (unlimited), content recommendation to post from your social media including your blog, YouTube and shops (Spotify, Etsy), remind you of your schedules post or if you haven’t post in a while, give your analytics, RSS feed, and among other great features. The social media that you get for free are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog (Blogger, WordPress), LinkedIn, and much more. Once you link your accounts you can begin organize yourself. It's super easy and you don’t have to go one by one to publish what you want. You just write or choose the photo you want to post, select the accounts that you want to publish, choose when you want to publish and voila. When you are going to share or publish your things you have 3 options to post. This 3 options are, post now, post at the best time and post at custom time. I always or almost always choose post at the best time, because the app post it when the most of the people is connect so I have more chance to reach more people and that way grow my followers. The articles and images that they recommend are focus on the topics that you choose when you create your account. I have found pictures super pretty that have been my inspiration to create my own, So, this app, not just help me to be organize and be consistence with my posts but also help with my creativity to make post and photos. I’m telling you, this app is so amazing and the best of all is super easy to use (and don’t forget that it’s free). I truly recommend it. Go to the store and downloaded now or click here.

Here is a demonstration of the app:

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