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April Update

Hello guys, welcome back!

Today is monday and itsss monday fitness update!!! So lets start with my weight and the exercises that I had been doing. My actual weight is 152 pounds, which is 2 pounds less than my last time. My husband and I download an app focus on the abdominals (Six pack in 30 days). Since he was in Utah last week so that way we could do workouts together. So far I like it, the exercises arent to intense at least in the training plan that we selected, but doing them after a session of cardio works perfectly.

In addition with the app, the exercises that I had been doing are the medicine ball with HIIT cardio and upper body workout with dumbells. I know, its seems a lot, but its really not. I'm editing the workout that I did last week, so I hope that I can share with you guys this week (stay tune). Here is the workout:

To speed up your heart rate (30 reps /3 sets)

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Side to side jumps
Medicine Ball (10-15 reps/ 3 sets)
  1. Soccer drills
  2. Throw the ball
  3. triceps
  4. Mountain Climbers
Upper Body workout with dumbells (10-12 reps /3 sets)
  1. Front/lateral raise
  2. Bench lat pullovers
  3. Incline bench row
  4. Reverse Curl
  5. Side to side 
  6. Seated rear lateral raise
  7. Incline bench dumbell fly

Also, later today I'm going to post Chemistry behind proteins, so stay tuned and check it out later. It's a brief summary about the proteins and why they are important in our diet. 

P.S. I'm going to start streaming again on twitch, so what days and hours are better for you guys:

A. Monday and Wendsday (9-12)
B. Monday and Wendsday (2-4)
C. Wendsday and Friday (9-12)
D. Wendsday and Friday (2-4)

Let me know in the comment section below.

Breaking Newss: We just saved this little turtle of the road (He or she was lost). I don't know anything about turtles, so if you guys know what type of turtle is, what he/she eat, and where we can return it let me know please!! 

**I don't have the copyright of some of the images. 

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