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10 ways to stay focused and don't waste your time

by - April 24, 2018

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

Today I'm going to share with you 10 ways to stay focused and don't waste your time, like I did yesterday when I was supposed to write my post. Which I postponed to write this one.  

1. Choose a quiet and distraction free place

Why? Because that way you can do your job or whatever is that you're doing without any distractions. For example a room or place where you can't watch the TV, because otherwise you will end like me, that was in the living room yesterday and what that I did was watch the series and don't do anything. 

2. Choose a place with great light 

It's important to choose a place with great light because that way you don't forced your eyes working on the computer or reading or whatever is that you're doing. 

3. Get ready before you start

Why? Because if you prepare yourself before start your work you can avoid distractions and you don't have to get up at all. Bring your snacks, water, coffee, and everything that you need to your work space. 

4. Turn off your phone or notifications

If need to use your phone to do your job, turn off the notifications, so that way yo don't get distract in your social media (Unless your work is on social networks).

5. Relaxing music

Choose music that you don't get distracting singing them. For example, I have to put some instrumental music or new music that I don't know the lyrics yet, because otherwise I make a concert and don't do anything else. 

6. Reminders and positive quotes

Make reminder notes and put it in front of you, so that way when you start to feel like you want to procrastinate you see them and remember that have to finish your work. 

7. Start your day early and make a day planner

Why start your day early? Because that way you can finished all your work more early and have more free time to do everything you want. To make sure that do all your work in time and even finish early, I recommend to do a day planner by hour. For example, from 7 to 8 I have to write this post, 8 to 9 I have to find information, and so until you have all your list of what you do complete.

8. Nice chair and desk

What does this have to do with being focused? If your work area including the chair that you're going to be sit for a few hours isn't comfortable and organized, you won't either. About this I'm going to talk in other post more in detail. 

9. Set your goals

You need to have a goal of what you're expecting of your work, you can make a note of the goal and put it in front of you, can be an organize brainstorming or anything that can help you to check if you're getting your goal, and that way you can see how are you progressing.

10. Reward yourself

The most important, after all the hard work and dedication, you need to reward yourself to stay motivated and continue doing a great job. The reward is up to you, can be a movie night, a pint of ice cream, ladies night, hubby and wife night, everything you want. But make sure that you finished all and that meets your expectations and goals.

I hope that you guys like it. If you did, don't forget to Subscribe to my blog. If you have some questions, let me know in the comment section below. Love you guys and have a beautiful day! ♡♡

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