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Spring Home

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Hello guys, as you know is Spring! 💮

With these season comes bright colors, flowers, warm weather, and Easter. Is normal to decorate your home with Easter decorations, but why? Easter is just one day, we can put some things but why decorate everything with bunnies (they are cute I know) and eggs. Instead of the traditional decorations we can do something simple but that can give color to your home. 

First of all, choose a color in the spring pallet that combines with the decorations that you already have so that way you don't have to spend to much money. The idea is add some details that express spring time. For example you can add a candle with the color and floral scent, with this you can add more than just a color because your home is going to smell like spring! ♡. Other things that you can do is make your own decorations, is more fun that way and you can make them with your partner or kids and spend more time with them. It's always a win win situation. Also with the DIY decorations you can recycle old things and transform them. In my case I do a flower stand with pieces of wood from a bed board that I bought for mistake and they were taking so much space in the closet, so I decide to so something about it (If you want me to write how I do it, let me know in the comment section below). I haven't finishing yet, because I want to buy some flowers to decorate it. 

What brings me to the other thing that you can do to add those spring details to your home, flowers. Add flower, they can be artificial (I preferred it for inside the house) and natural. If you want real ones, you don't have to buy it, you can go for a walk and collect the flowers that you like most (obviously without trespassing or doing something illegal). This way you can add the spring touch and in the same way make some exercises and be ready for the summer! ☀

Basics that you must have:
  1. Flowers
  2. Candles
  3. Baskets (can be bought or DIY)
  4. Jars (You can buy the package that brings like 10, so you can use it for everything like decorations, food storage, kitchen garden, among others)
  5. Calendar
  6. Key and mail holder ( you can buy one of wood and decorate it by the season or occasion)                                                                 

The best of all is that you can find all the things that you need in Dollar Tree (not a sponsorship), at least there is where I buy all my things!!   

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