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Let it Snow

by - January 05, 2018

Hi guys, welcome back!

Like much of you know I'm being a little obsessed with the snow jaja, but it'smy first time so is understandable. I have to say and confirm that this is my favorite time of the year, no doubt! I have been taking photos and spending time with my husband and his family. I tried to make a ⛄ like Olaf, but its look a little creepy jaja. To do my snowman I finalized frozen my self to the point that I didn't feel my fingers and butt, but it was worth it, because I enjoy every single moment! So yesterday I took the day off of exercises and besides my body was in pain (a lot of muscle sore) for the workout that my husband and I did on wendsday, was a intense full body workout including cardio, HIIT, abs, legs and arms. I'm still have the muscle sore, but later we are going back to the gym 💪. I'm so grateful with my husband because with all the cold and the snow (blizzard) he go downstairs with me to take my pictures at 7 am jaja I was excited! But thinking now, I think I did a little cardio, going up and down the stairs everytime that we went outside to play with the snow and take pictures. You can go to my instagram and facebook to see all the pictures 📷, and today is snow angels 😍 so today are more pictures!! And my husband is going to fly his drone so he is excited and the drone can take pictures! 💜💜 Stay tune to my social medias for more photoshootings jaja

Love you guys! 😘
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