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It's here: Upper Body Workouts

by - October 18, 2017

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Hi guys, welcome back!!

A couple of minutes ago I uploaded my first video of my upper body workout to my YouTube channel (Behind OPS). Let me warn you that I am not an expert in recording and much less doing exercises!, but it's a start! The resolution is not the best but I put each exercise, the number of repetitions and the number of set per circuit. I also add a quick HIIT workout to burn more calories at the end of the upper body workout. I didn't film it but you can do any workout  you want. If you have any questions do not hesitate to write me in the comments.

Here I leave the link XoXo:

Hace par de minutos subí mi primer video de mi upper body workout a mi página de youtube. Les digo que no soy una experta en grabar y mucho menos haciendo ejercicios! Pero por algo se empieza. La resolución no es la mejor pero les puse cada ejercicio, el número de repeticiones y el número de set por circuito. Si tienen alguna pregunta no duden en escribirme en los comentarios.

Aqui les dejo el link para que lo vean XoXo:

Circuit 1 (x3): 

1. Biceps curls complex: 10 Reps c/u

  • Low 
  • Medium 
  • Complete 

2. Lateral raise: 10 Reps

3. Front Raise: 10 Reps

4. Shoulder press: 10 Reps

5. Wide row: 10 Reps

Circuit 2 (x3): 

1. Dumbbell chest row: 10 Reps

2. DB over row: 10 Reps

3. One arm DB over row: 10 Reps

4. Reverse fly complex 10 Reps

5. DB back swing: 10 Reps

Circuit 3 (x3): 

1. DB flyes: 10 Reps

2. Grip bench press DB: 10 Reps

3. DB bench press: 10 Reps

4. DB pullovers: 10 Reps

5. Seated tricep press/extension: 10 Reps

**I don't have the copyright of the images. 

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