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🎃 Makeup/costumes Ideas 🎩

by - October 30, 2017

Hi guyss!

Today i will show you some Halloween makeup that I personalized myself for you. I don't celebrate Halloween, but I love all the costumes and candies, especially chocolateee!!! Yayy!!!

The first one obviously is my own Pebbles's makeup! Yess, why not! jaja. For one of my birthdays, my mom dressed me like Pebbles. She made me the clothes herself, since she designs and sews, was so cool!!! She even bought toy dog bones for me and the other girls.  I also did face mask (masquerade) makeup, deer look makeup, skull makeup and gypsy look makeup. The pictures are below and if you have some questions comment in the section comment below or in one of my social media. And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! 

Pebbles / 90's:






 Face Mask (masquerade):


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